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Wooden Boat Rendezvous


May 18, 2007
Coquitlam, B.C.
With the wooden boat festival cancelled in Vancouver Canada, the Wooden Boat Society is organizing a small boat rendezvous for Sept 24, 2022. It will be held at the new wooden boat center in New Westminster, BC, Canada. If you have a car topper (canoe or kayak) or small trailered wooden boat that you would like to show off, we have information on our web site. The Center will have its first open house with projects on display. There will be demos and activities for kids. Cost is free unless you wish to promote a business. www.vancouverwoodenboat.com
Still looking for some more small wooden boats to add to our open house at the new wooden boat center in New Westminster. Some of the boats are listed on our web site.
What an interesting warehouse the society has down there right on the river. They had quite a selection of boats with a few kayaks, too.
My camera battery was dead, but I just loved the 9' Davidson dingy that Rod built and it was interesting seeing a larger Davidson as well. I found it quite stunning how small, in physical form, the replica of the locally used Spanish exploration cutter was.
And inside the facility were a bunch of different boats in construction or repair using differing construction approaches. As well as benches, tools, dust extraction, office area - a great layout and generous size.
Yes, it was a good day and the weather was fantastic. Hundreds of people came through, families enjoying boats and things to try out. Members put a lot of work into setting the shop up, so now we are ready to get back to working on some boats.