XL Drysuit

Man in qajaq

Oct 7, 2014
Victoria, Vacouver Island
Kokotat drusuit. Extra large.
This suit has been well used and has had some previous leak repairs done on it before. I acquired it and other gear with a kayak purchase.
The suit is too large for me. I'm a size L.
No hood, no pockets, gasket ankles.
This suit still needs some help. I only wore it once for a weekend training course and discovered there are one or two pin holes on the legs. As the suit is too large I have no interest in repairing it for myself.

Local Victoria area. No shipping.


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I think I've got someone who might be interested in your suit. He's in Victoria, but not on this forum. Will message when I hear back from him.

Regarding the ankle gaskets -- does the suit not have them, or it has ankle gaskets, but they are damaged/missing?

Edit -- figured it out. Has ankle gaskets, as opposed to newer style with integrated booties.
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Hey! This looks amazing, I’m pretty new to this but on Allan’s recommendation I would love to pick this up. I’m based in Fernwood, would you be free to meet up so I can check it out?