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    Jul 26, 2016
    Hobie Adventure Island with Mirage Drive.
    -The ultimate kayak & sailing setup.

    The Adventure Island is a trimaran sailing sit-on-top kayak. It uses Hobie's Mirage Drive peddle power propulsion which enables to you to use your feet to peddle instead of your arms to paddle. It addition to paddling and peddling, you can also sail. It's completely configurable, so you can use it just as a kayak, with one outrigger, or with the sail and everything together.

    Why I love my sailing kayak:

    -Peddle drive is much better than paddling because your leg muscles are stronger than your arms. You can go much longer distances and at a higher speed than paddling.
    -Double your power, peddle and paddle at the same time.
    -Usually kayakers fear the wind, not anymore, unfurl the sail and the wind is now your friend! Time to stretch your legs and relax while clipping along at 5-15 knots.
    -Only one person required. Easy to launch and sail solo. Rated capacity is 350lbs, so you can bring a small person or pet along too.
    -Wind is dead? No problem, peddle power is your friend.
    -Total peace and quiet. No motor, no noise. Awesome.
    -Fits on the top of your car. No trailer or moorage required.
    -Lots of room for gear, crab traps, cooler, etc.
    -Total freedom. Launch anywhere. No boat ramp required. If there's shoreline, you can launch, sail or kayak!

    You can rig this kayak several different ways to suit your outing.
    #1 - Use just the hull and the mirage drive for peddle powered Kayak adventures. Your hands are free while your strong leg muscles legs do the work.
    #2 - Use one or both of the outriggers for extra stability and carry gear, allowing you to stand up. I have the trampoline kit, which is a canvas that attaches to the outriggers. This allows you move over and to counter-balance in high-winds, and is also gear for hauling gear, pets, etc. This is very popular with divers to haul gear to awesome dive spots.
    #3 - Use the sail and sit back and relax while the wind does the work. Great for high speeds and covering long distances. You can easily furl/unfurl the sail to switch between peddling and sailing.

    Why are you selling such an awesome setup??
    -Sadly, we're moving overseas for work in December.

    Local dealer is selling the base model for $6,000 plus tax. To buy new, you'll also have to buy the following add-ons:
    -Wheel cart $170
    -Trampoline kit $400 (canvas part between outriggers so you can sit, stand, store gear, etc.)
    -Foam blocks $30 (for the roof rack)
    -Tie down straps: $20

    So all in with tax, you're looking at $7,414.4 CAD new.

    Asking price: $5,500
    All offers considered
    Content me directly via email here: adventure4sail@gmail.com

    I'm asking for $5,500 OBO for the boat and all add-ons above. The boat has been very well taken care of, washed after use, and kept under cover during storage. Located in Vancouver, BC.

    All offers considered. We aren't moving until December, so lots of time to sell. However, it's rare to see these boats for sale second hand, act quick!

    Attached are some images showing it in action. I currently have mine rigged up with some fishing gear, which I'm selling separately, so I've also included some stock photos to give you an better idea of what it's like. The color of mine is Yellow.
    -The photos show trimaran sailing set-up with the trampoline on and off. (You can see the kids sitting on there)
    -Single outrigger and trampoline setup. You can easily stand up, and is great for extra stability or hauling gear.
    -Use it as a kayak without any outrigger or sail.

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    LOL, maybe you should have left out the virtues of peddling over paddling on a site call westcoastPADDLER. :)
  3. fisharoo

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    Jul 26, 2016
    You can paddle it too. It has all three forms of power, paddle, peddle, and sail. Perfect combo. You can see the paddle in the shot with the grey hull boat with the white background.
  4. tiagosantos

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Burnaby BC
    I always thought these things were goofy until I saw someone paddle/pedal one to Alaska! ;)
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    Jun 30, 2012
    Kodiak, Alaska
    That thing looks fun as heck. :D
  6. fisharoo

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    Jul 26, 2016
    I had about 15 years of ocean paddling experience before I picked it up. I did some lake tests at a boat show, where I timed myself between two buoys, tried a few of the top-of-the-line fibreglass kayaks and this 16 hobie with peddles. Super fast acceleration, and timed speed was much faster. I was sold. I use it a lot for fishing, crabbing, etc. It's great in English bay, because there's often strong winds in the afternoon, but then they die down late evening. I can head out anytime.